I am salesperson with a passion for international sales and marketing. Based in Madrid, I’ve had more than 4,000 sales meetings with buyers in over 40 countries, in 4 different languages. Over the last 12 years, I have learnt a lot from Purchasing Managers, Managing Directors and other executives both in the companies I’ve worked for, and from the clients I’ve served.

What interests me most is the process of fine-tuning selling propositions and business practices in order to adapt them to different countries, business segments, and purchasing styles. I have been working successfully to help industrial companies become the trusted and reliable partner that professional international buyers are looking for.

I believe that for successful B2B selling, the salesperson needs to present the company’s proposition of value to customers, while, at the same time, selling the customers’ projects to the company; that way, the whole organization can better understand how its performance impacts upon its customers’ bottom lines.

I strongly believe that selling is about trust and integrity. If you can prove you are trustworthy and dependable, then you have a head start!

Waiting in airport lounges across the world sometimes leaves me with time to spare. I often use this chance to read or write notes that help me think through my sales meetings and reflect on whether I’ve learnt something worth sharing. If you are reading this, the chances are we have crossed each other in some airport terminal building at one of the mayor international airports. Next time just say hi, the first cup of coffee is on me!