What this blog is about

The purpose of this blog is to share years of experience (and a few mistakes) working in export sales for SMEs in the process of searching for, attracting and serving their export business.

I’m convinced there are plenty of really good companies out there which are missing out on export sales because they haven’t yet fully understood how to tap into international markets, or haven’t tailored their practices or communication effectively enough.

This blog intends to provide solid advice, practical tips, and export sales insight with these objectives:

  • For companies with international aspirations to find a starting point that works.
  • For senior management to ask themselves the hard questions they need to answer before going international, and the best ways to do this efficiently.
  • For exporters to better understand their customer base, and to serve them more effectively.
  • For companies to realize their full export potential.

From another angle, this blog also offers some pointers to global companies and professionals doing business with local SMEs, especially Purchasing Managers, their Managing Directors and other key players in their companies, in order to help them navigate the Spanish corporate mindset.

The approach

This blog is written from a sales point of view. It aims at helping people in sales and management positions put themselves in their customers’ shoes. To companies, it offers some suggestions on how to fine-tune their export sales functions in order to better serve their strategic plans, reach an international audience, and pitch their message so it is meaningful, relevant and ultimately convincing.

As a personal disclaimer, I’d like to point out I have no intention of preaching to successful companies or seasoned professionals on how to go about running their operations or doing their jobs. My thoughts and articles describe some tried and tested routes for SMEs to go international without breaking the bank (or their promises).

Have a great journey!